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It's noticeable to everyone. Every night sky, an increasingly stranger moon seems to greet Earth's eyes. Dark spots making themselves more present on the lunar surface, causing areas of the planet to be enveloped by shadows, even if just for a bit...

You're the assistant of a professor responsible for studying this fenomenon. However, he's been missing for a few days and you decide to look for him at his house.

It's important that you find him. After all, tonight seems to be a specially strange night...


A / "→"   - Move left

D / "←"   - Move right

W / "↑" - Lets you go upstairs

Z - Interact with items and doors

X - Skims through dialogue and skips cutscenes

Mouse Cursor - Aims flashlight

Left Mouse Button - Interactions with the door's keypad

Enter - Pause


- The enemies do not like the flashlight!

Newest build name: "MOONSHADOW V0.9 (NEW BUILD)"

Web version: https://faulko.itch.io/moonshadow-web

Game made by Team Sanctales, comprised of me and my brother Faulkard for PirateSoftware's 14th Game Jam!


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Yeah something tells me that going after the professor might've not been the best idea if I wanted to survive....

Nice title screen!
It was a bit hard for me to figure out that it is a flashlight on the table, I have somehow managed to get through the first room with the help of a description on this page.

Jump scare moment was on point.

Would be great to have a more familiar control scheme and have a visual feedback on having a flashlight before the "dark section"

Ohhh, thank you for bringing some of these aspects to my attention. There's quite a bit of visual feedback we're implementing and it's always nice to get pointed out certain areas that could use more of that. The changes in control scheme's definitely something we've been discussing as well!

Thank you so much for taking some of your time to play our little game!

Out of curiosity, were you able to make it past the house?